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Feb 2019

Hi Jim,

We just went on our first 4wd trip at Mt Disappointment and had a blast!

As you probably saw, I was utterly terrified of that truck before your course and refused to drive it. Now I’ve done a bunch of stall starts on hills (practicing rather than necessity), and navigated a bunch of bogs and tight squeezes.

I wouldn’t let M drive because I was having fun... and I’m actually pretty good at it (albeit slow).

So, thank you for your gentle guidance and encouragement that helped me gain confidence and overcome a big fear.

Warmest regards



Jan 2019

Hi Jim

First, we all had an amazing time at Robe, so thank you for that, it was brilliant. Wish it went 5 days!.  Z hasn't stopped talking about the trip yet either.

Could you please put me down for the snow trip later this year.  Very interested in doing it.




Jan 2019

"We just spent three wonderful days in Robe SA undertaking the Sand Driving course with Jim, Di, Kim, Brett and a great group of participants. The course was very professionally conducted and very informative. I don’t believe that any of the participants would have come away without a huge boost in confidence in themselves and their motor vehicle.

I have previously undertaken the Basic 4x4 course with Jim prior to departing on a 6 months odyssey around Australia. The skills that I learnt from Jim were invaluable in some of the situations that I found myself in.

I am now hoping to undertake the High Country 4x4course in April. Using the other 2 courses completed as a yardstick this one should be a real buzz.

I would highly recommend Safetrek to anyone that is looking to improve their off road driving skills in a safe, professional and inclusive environment."



November 2018

re High Country Course

Good morning Jim,

I just wanted to thank you for a great weekend in the high country. Once again, I have learned a lot about what my car can do but I can’t get over what beautiful country we passed through.

I can’t wait to go and see some more of it.

Thank you again and please look after yourself.




Nov 2018

Hi Jim,

I need to thank you and the team for an amazing week end!!

Your knowledge and expertise are invaluable and gave me the confidence to take on the high country.

Your training and direction on the beginner and advanced courses have given me the experience and confidence to plan out and prepare for our own future trips.

I still can’t believe that I was able to experience Victorian high country with a stock standard 2015 Toyota hilux...

I am truly grateful to have met you.

All the best to you all

I’ll see you on the next course.




Oct 2018

Hi Jim

Just wanted to say thanks for the session Saturday.  Really enjoyed it , learnt heaps and particularly like your very hands on , and in the car approach.

40+ years’ experience and that approach - no wonder your booked solid





April 2018

Hi Jim

I just want to thank you again for the wonderful course that you presented. I thought the way you structured the course was first class with a theory session which was then reinforced with a practical day.  I also really appreciated the range of topics that you covered.  As a result of both of these sessions I feel I have gained the confidence to tackle even more challenging situations and look forward to catching up with you again at the sand course next year. Thank you once more.

Many thanks



April 2018

Hey Jim,

Just a quick note to say thanks again - thanks for giving me the confidence I so desperately needed with my 60 series - it’s very empowering. Wow - what an amazing weekend! I learnt so much more than I thought I would!

I’ll be in touch soon regarding some basic 4x4 driver training…

All the best,



25 oct 2017

G’day Jim,

Wanted to say thanks for the great 4WD training the other week. Pretty good stuff learnt from both M and I.

I’m sure we will be putting it to practice every opportunity we can get.

Be seeing you in the future,





2 sep 2017

Hi Jim,

I am writing to thank you very much for your excellent 4wd training course.

We have just got back home and went on some roads that I never in my wildest dreams would have attempted had I not done your course and gained so much from your wide breadth of knowledge.

This included 30 odd k’s of sand driving, creek crossing as well as over rocks of a foot or so in size, that you could only travel at about 5k’s an hour.

Thanks again Jim, your course was invaluable to us

Cheers G and H


May 2017

Hello Jim,

Once again a wonderful weekend adventure, thank you very much for all that you did to make it such a good time. Much confidence has been gained and for the first time, for me, some slippery muddy tracks to conquer. Please pass on my thanks to your support team, Dianne, Brett and Kim. Please book me in for the November ‘adventure.’  Kind regards, Pete


April 2016

Hi Jim,
I had such a great time and learnt so much in your 4WD course in April this year. Your guidance and support throughout the course was wonderful and inspired confidence to apply the skills I have learnt.
A really big thank you, Merrilyn


November 2015

Hello Jim,  I'm still thinking about my experience in your classes, they were informative and enjoyable, and, best was your kindly manner when guiding me.
Kathryn, Lyn and I are very pleased that we did the course now feeling more confident about our endeavours on the Gibb River road.
Thank you very much. Cordially, Jenny H


August 2015

Hi Jim ,Thanks for the day on Saturday we all had a really enjoyable day, even Tom once we got him out of the car. We learnt so much and now can’t wait to use those skills in the Flinders Rangers during the school holidays.
Kind regards  Philip 


May 2015

Hello Jim, Firstly, thank you for providing such a great course last weekend and with such a great group of ‘fellow travellers’.
Yes, I have gained a great deal of extra confidence in my own abilities and my vehicles’ capabilities.
The challengers were great, and the achievements even greater !
I would be very interested in doing the Sand Course next January (unless something else gets in the way!!).
Many thanks, Peter


April 2015

We had such a fabulous day with the group, safe travels and we do hope to cross paths again – with Jim!

As for you sir… you are a legend.  We had such a fun time.  I am still trying to get mud out of my fingernails; and like Steve and Gayle took hours to clean the car on Sunday.  Whew!

Peter and Maree


Hi Jim,

Thanks again for the 4WD training. Absolutely loved it!

Look forward to doing more training (mechanics course, high country and sand, etc) in the future after our trip.



Hi Jim,
Just want to thank you for an absolute fantastic time on your 4WD course,
My wife and I came away with the knowledge of what the car can do and the great times awaiting both of us on our next trip away
Thank you for your professionalism and for giving me the confidence to tackle the tracks and 
showing us all things we need to know to make 4WD enjoyable,
the only complaint is that the day came to an end, it was a fun day!
To anyone thinking of doing the course go for it you won't regret a minute of its great.
Once again Jim thank you Tony & Rosa - December 2014

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------

G'day Jim , just touching base mate ,just wanted to thank you for a great day,
your knowledge and experience was very  evident and im sure we havent even scratched the surface,
i enjoyed every minute and i got alot out of the day,
my car has never looked so good with all the mud on it!
cheers Aaron  - December 2014

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------

Hi Jim,
Thanks again for the trip. I learnt a lot more about my car and how to drive it than I knew,
It was definitely something I would recommend others to do.
I am also interested in your other coursed and as I mentioned, the mechanical course in particular.
Please let me know when it comes up.
Thanks again, Rupert.       December 2014


Jimmy Lee posted on Safetrek Four Wheel Drive Services's timeline

Hey Jim,

Just wanted to thank you again for an excellent day Saturday on the 4WD course. The theory session was very practical and informative.
The day out on the tracks in Narbethong was extremely memorable. Was fantastic to have someone with your experience and skills showing
us the capabilities of our own four wheel drives, their shortcomings and how to get the most out of them.
Can't wait to get out there to see you again, for one of your more advanced recovery or mechanical courses.

Cheers, James



Thank you so much for your time on Saturday, Ann and I truly appreciate it.  Rest assured we will remain loyal customers, and advocates of the Safetrek business,
and I will continue to refer friends and colleagues for your training courses. In all the excitement, I left that filter removal tool on your gatepost near the shed,
so consider that a down payment for your time! Look forward to letting you know how our trip goes, and how many times Ann gets bogged…

Regards, David  - May 2014

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------

Hello Jim,

We want to put in writing our appreciation of the course which we attended last Sunday. The carefully graded program gradually increased our confidence to a
point where, by the end of the day, we were doing things that we had only dreamed about. Having you with us in our vehicle for some of the activities certainly
boosted our confidence, but we think that our awareness of the limitations and capabilities of the ute will enable us to get out and enjoy the bush for years
to come, even without the assistance of an expert sitting beside us.

Most of our trips are in the dry interior so hopefully we can avoid the problems with bogholes which brought our vehicle undone on Sunday but it is good to know that,
travelling with at least one other vehicle, we would have the knowhow and the equipment to extricate ourselves if the situation arose.

One of the factors which attracted us to your course was the encouragement of the attendance of partners.
This meant that partners will have an understanding of what is required, even though they did not have any hands on activities.
It also made it a very enjoyable social day, meeting some friendly people with interests compatible with ours.

We would enthusiastically recommend your course to all drivers who are starting out on 4WD or wishing to widen their horizons.
You provide a memorable, enjoyable and informative experience.


Helen & Lynton - May 2014

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------

Hi Jim, Thanks again for a fantastic time on the basic course, I had a fantastic time and learnt a lot!!
I am looking at the possibility of doing the sand course in Robe next year and I was wondering what the
cost is and would it be suitable to bring a 4 year old on the course!!

Thanks, Rod. - November 2013

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------

Hi Jim, We just wanted to again thank you for the fantastic course run on 12/15 September 2013.
We have highly recommended the course to family and friends, and haven’t stopped talking about great it was.

The theory course on 12 September was excellently prepared and delivered and the content covered related very well to the practical course.
There were many times during the day Tim and I said ‘oh remember that was mentioned on Thursday” – and we have found the handout very easy to read and a great tool for quick reference.

The practical course was fantastic! We had a great time, and really enjoyed challenging ourselves with things that we wouldn’t have necessarily tried (or known how to tackle).
We found the tracks undertaken were perfect to test different types of conditions and terrain. Everything that we had hoped we would experience - hills, water crossing, mud etc was covered!
This course exceeded our expectations and we walked away with having learnt so much in not just driving skills but also what equipment is necessary (and how/when to use it safely).

You knowledge and passion for not only 4WDriving but of cars generally is evident and that is what made it so great and enjoyable to be able to learn from you.

We look forward to doing another course (or courses!) with you in the future.

Thanks Tim and Michelle - September 2013

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------

Jim, Ross here. I just want to thank you for the 4 X 4 course. The practical session all-day Sunday in the drizzle around Narbethong was fantastic. 

We remain on a real high after getting through such steep, muddy and wet terrain and getting out of tricky spots with your direct help as well as independently.
We were very impressed with your style of teaching and coaching as well as your terrific humour.
It gave Marg and me a lot of confidence and we now feel that we have the basics to go on and learn through experience. 
The going got a bit wet and slippery for a fair bit of that day and your quiet, calm, confident and very knowledgeable approach proved to me as the driver,
what I and the Prado could really do.
You brought out our best. And, 4 X 4s are amazing machines, as you say.
Margaret, started with some caution and even reluctance and was equally impressed by the end.
The experience generated so much adrenalin even when driving at a slow 5km ph in low gear and when doing some snatch and winch work.
By the way, since last Sunday, I’ve discovered just how well known you are, having mentioned which course we did to a number of 4 x 4ers and at a caravan repair place.
It was praise for you all-round.
Thanks to James also for his help in the end of day recovery; great back-up you have there.

Cheers for now. Ross G - May 2013

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------

Jim, hope all is well...

Just thought I'd let you know that we got home ok - thanks for the SMS too by the way.
The Pathy was leaking a little for the fist few days before we got it checked but as suspected was just the residual left over in the damaged cooler.
Given that we'll be towing etc... our mechanic - who we trust very well - has suggested we get a new one, possibly after market to keep it a bit cheaper.
He seemed to know what he was talking about as he's been servicing a couple of Pathfinders also - which is good.

Can I also say how thankful we were of your hospitality - including your wife and son James,
given the circumstances on the day. You can't plan for things like that, but to go to the extra effort to help us get home was truly appreciated.
(I have to say I did not mind the trip in the Rex either - made the delay a bit more worthwhile!!)

Thanks again and take care

Gareth and Sam  - August 2012

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------

Hi Jim,

Thanks for the training we got on the weekend. I loved every minute of it. The things you showed us were invaluable.

Cheers Darren  - August 2012

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------


I just wanted to say again how much I thoroughly enjoyed the technical workshop weekend.
It was great fun, I learned a hell of a lot of practical usable stuff, and enjoyed the banter immensely.

Plus I always enjoy the accommodation and hospitality of the Black Spur Inn.

Keep up the good work!

Cheers Patrick -  July 2012

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------

Hi Jim,

Thanks so much for your course yesterday.
When I got home I told my fiancé that it was the most fun and educational thing I've ever been paid for doing.
I would definitely recommend the course to others in the organisation that needs the training.

Thanks Eddie. – July, 2012

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------

I still can't stop telling anyone who will listen about the course.
I had a great time and more importantly learnt a lot. I will hopefully be in a position to do the advanced or sand courses soon.

Thanks once again

Regards CT with the Blue Pajero auto. – May, 2012

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------

Hi Jim,

Thank you so much for the course today.  I must admit I was quite nervous before hand, but you created a very comfortable environment in which to learn.
The small group was fantastic and i felt that the small number of participants allowed you to share your broad knowledge and experience
with each individual from within their own vehicle.  However it was also greatly appreciated that you took the time to explain the
differences between the wide variety of vehicles present on the day so that we all gained an understanding of the different
techniques available to us depending on the vehicle we have at our disposal.

Once again, thank you for a great day.

Kind regards MT – April 2012

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------

Hello Jim

I did the 4WD course with you in 2001 in Toolangi (cant believe it was 10 years ago) - since then Ive done lots of 4WD touring and trips with the Family.
I was reminded of you when I saw your car at Marysville on Cup Day, our family was there too.   I looked for you, to say gday but assume you were busy enjoying some fine "produce".

Thanks Jim! 


--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------

Hi Jim,

I just wanted to thank you once again for a fantastic day on Sunday (20 November 2011).
I was amazed at the capability of the vehicles in the group, especially my Explorer. Also can you please thank James for his knowledge and talk we had afterwards about his 80 series landcruiser.

Take care…

Regards AZ - 2011

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------


Thought you would like to know I had a great time on my trip to Lake Eyre and Flinders Ranges. Everything went according to plan and we covered 5000k in total.
Just one sidewall tear on the truck to deal with. Your training certainly helped and we had the tyres on low pressure as soon as we hit dirt. Back tracks were spectacular in the Flinders and Lake Eyre awesome in size.

I will certainly be doing some more!

Thanks and best wishes  RW – 2011

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------


We are just back from the trip round the eastern part of Australia covering some 20,000 km in 12 weeks.
While the main issue with the trip was corrugations that at one point shook the screws out of the back lights your training stood us in good stead in the sand on Fraser Island
and the river crossings on the parts of the Telegraph Track we did and to a lesser extent both elsewhere.
In all cases the dry weather had reduced the hazards involved in the crossings and the route in general with routes such as the Bloomfield Track
that I was concerned about quite benign. However, a couple of days after our trip through the Daintree after rain the track was apparently more exciting.

While we took all the recommended recovery gear the only bit used was the towrope which we used to tow a young French couple in a campervan out of the sand in Kakadu.
Thank you for your efforts which gave Jude and I more confidence and added to the pleasure of the trip.

We met some other graduates of your earlier May 2008 course in the camp site at Oodnadatta and had a
pleasant evening comparing favourable notes on the training experience.

Thank you again for your help and hopefully we will catch up again in the not too distant future,

Best wishes and regards David - 2008

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------

Jim – Thanks for an excellent day. Can’t wait to get back out there!!!

Be safe and have fun guys !!!

Kind Regards  JS - 2007

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------

G'day Jim,

Thanks for the weekend.  Both Matthew and I (and the kids) had a great time - thanks to your hard work all weekend!

We are both interested in the High Plains course, and will be able to confirm our attendance once we have figured out our timetables.

Regards,  TM-P - 2007

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------

Hi Jim

Thanks for an outstanding day on Sunday.

I learnt heaps, gained a lot of confidence both in my little Jeep and my own driving and had loads of fun.
I especially valued the way you worked with us, novices that we are.
You were patient but very clear, with just enough guidance to let us find our own limits without feeling stupid.

Thanks again.. GL - 2007

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------

Dear Jim,

Just a quick note to say thank you once again. 
We learnt so much and feel a lot more confident and competent to face the journey ahead.
You were extremely patient and generous with your time and information.  As well as this, you are an excellent teacher!!!

Thanks also to Di…

Warm regards,  C and K - 2006

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