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Mechanical Awareness

Would you like to be able to do simple mechanical repairs with a degree of understanding that you have not experienced before. Know that the parts you are spending your money on are actually needed and are being fitted to the car. Then come and participate in our mechanical awareness course.

Topics covered will be basic operation of your vehicle to give you a better understanding of how it all works; this can lead to you being able to tackle simple maintenance and repair tasks yourself.

Things like

-         Tool identification and use

-         Brake pad changing

-         Oil and filter & other service items

-         Minor electrical work

are just some of the tasks you will be able to perform at the completion of the course. There is also a large amount of practical training not just theory involved in the course and in a lot of cases you will be able to perform work on your own vehicle.

This course consists of a two day weekend with both theory and practical.

Contact us for upcoming dates.

Cost $320.00

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